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Ramblings on Universities

copied from a twitter thread of mine

i feel like turning the universities into the main centers of leftist thought and action was one of the most effective things to undermine the effectiveness of leftist movements, because of the authoritarian tendencies within university structures and the exclusionary aspects of "higher education" that get even stronger with high economic inequality, among other things

i can only speak for germany, but our education system is very much built around the idea that some ppl deserve more access to higher education than others

this is partly whi i *like* twitter as a medium. i have problems sorting my thoughts into long texts with a rigid structure (academic writing) but if you just need to write a bit under 300 letters in one go, that is an achievable goal. and dont tell me twitter is bad for in depth discussion because of this 280-character limit. there's a lot of annoying and bad stuff to twitter, but in my opinion, this is not one of them.

anyway, back to uni/education

dunno, i feel like "bildet banden" (form gangs) but with "bildet" also meaning "educate" is a good approach.
not schools, not teachers, but people coming together independently, to learn from each other, which has also been a large approach of how I've been using twitter.
but it also means marginalised people will have to do more work to share their knowledge, and acquiring that knowledge came at a high cost to them (us) too... support this knowledge and the people bearing it, because universities all to often don't.

the bureaucratic structures of universities do have some benefits for the production of "science" and some of these benefits may be useful to recreate without the bureaucracy, and many have been shown to work within academic systems while rejecting the bureaucracy. the main mechanism of this is peer-review and publication, and i am particularly interested in the publication part – having a way to quickly read other peoples thoughts and research on a topic is super useful imo

and while i like twitter/mastodon in a way, it feels more like a stream of consciousness than anything where i could look up specific things

I guess this is that.

anyways, the original thread can be found here, as I will continue to work on this text whenever I feel like it.